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HBO Entertainment News Feature on Cheryl Shuman's The Optician to the Stars :-)

HBO Entertainment News Feature on Cheryl Shuman's The Optician to the Stars :-)

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This is another fun vintage piece from 1993 on HBO Entertainment News. Sometimes I amaze myself at just how bad my hair has been over the years. Apparently I was really in to the curly hair thing back in these days :-) It was my dream to have the new 600 SL Mercedes Convertible this year. It was my "trophy" to myself to show to the world I'd "made it". When I look back at these videos today, I almost feel ridiculous, because I was the typical textbook case of "nouveau riche" a total obnoxious show-off. Today I wish I had the money from that craziness to donate to people who really need it to live day by day... anyway, enough of my ranting.. It's an interesting piece of my history.

I hope that you enjoy it and as always, I look forward to hearing from you :-)
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Reviewer: jaydavee - - July 14, 2009
Subject: review
Cheryl Shuman still shows that she is unable to learn that spamming lies does not work in her favor. It does not work against the people she harasses and stalks. It only works against herself. Year after year, she cannot learn. Cheryl Shuman has pasted together a fake criminal history with the name John David Briley pasted all over it. It's ridiculous of her to do this knowing I've already thoroughly defeated that with my video titled "Exposing Cheryl Shuman Lies 2000-2007" which can be found at Internet Archive or also at Youtube

More entertainment regarding this ridiculous reject can be found at If you put Cheryl Shuman in Google, the article is likely to be the first result. There is some satire in there, but where there are facts, you see the facts.

One of the clearest examples of Cheryl Shuman's desperate dishonesty, her lying about being a victim of crime, would come with the keywords "Acid Attack" when paired with the name "Cheryl Shuman". I have uploaded this material to Internet Archive at It is on Youtube at

Cheryl Shuman has been banned from Youtube over 1000 times now since 2006, yet she still claims she was never banned from Youtube -- because she lies about everything.